Lent 2013: Gender Justice

In association with the Anglican Consultative Council’s project, the Bible in the Life of the Church, phase 3, BACI offers a third themed Lent study — on Gender Justice.

BACI’s Lent Study for 2013 is on Gender Justice. As in previous years, it consists of five weeks of paired OT/NT readings with introductions, notes, and reflection questions. To these are added additional resources and prayers.

Week One: Pushing social boundaries

  • Numbers 27:1-11; Matthew 15:21-28

 Week Two: Sin, responsibility and justice

  • Genesis 38; John 8:1-11

 Week Three: Gentile women in Nehemiah and Acts

  • Nehemiah 13; Acts 16:11-24

 Week Four: Power, abuse, victimhood and mutuality

  • 2 Samuel 13 ; Ephesians 5: 10–13, 21–33

Week Five: Destitution, determination and inspiration

  • Ruth 1 and 4; Galatians 3:23–29

The materials are available for free download in the PDF form here. (Standard, A4)

There are two files designed for A5 printing for booklets. The first one is an A4 page with double size font, so it can be printed two to a page for a booklet. Alternately, a pdf printer could be used to print two on one page.

The second one is A4 with two A5 pages on each.

Within Ireland, a limited number of printed copies are also available from the Bible Society.

The materials will be formally launched in Dublin in January.

This year’s authors and editors were:

Dr. Katie Heffelfinger, Dr. David Hutchinson Edgar, Rev. Canon Dr. Ginnie Kennerley, Rev. Dr. William Olhausen, Dr. Jason Silverman, Rev. Canon Helene Steed, and Ms. Jacqui Wilkinson

8 thoughts on “Lent 2013: Gender Justice

  1. I have 2 questions and a comment.

    Would it be okay for a United Methodist Pastor in Texas to use this study provided by the Church of Ireland? I am of Irish descent if that helps. (Sorry… American humor)

    I love the content and context. If anyone needs to study what the Bible says about Economic Justice, it is us Americans.

    Finally… when will it be available?

    Rev. Dr. Joe Miller,Jr

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  6. YES– several of us in the USA are eagerly awaiting the post for your Lent 2013 study! Echoing my Methodist Colleague Rev. Dr. Joe Miller, Jr., above: When will it be posted?

    I’ll keep checking back. Thank you and blessings!

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