Month: January 2011

The BACI working group is currently preparing a themed biblical reflective program for use during this Lent, on the theme of Creation. This theme has been chosen to interact with the ACC’s “Bible in the Life of the Church” project.

If you would like your parish, diocese, or Bible study group to participate in this project, please keep your eye out for announcements here on the BACI site in the Lent tab, in other Church of Ireland news organs, or by emailing us at


Inaugural AGM to be scheduled shortly

Keep your eyes on this space; the meeting to officially organize the Biblical Association of the Church of Ireland will be held at some point in late January or early February. Current plans towards the proposed Lent 2011 project will also be announced at the point. Any one with any interest in serving on the inaugural committee or as a founding member, please do come along. If you would like an email notification for the date and location of the AGM when available, email

A working group meeting to hash out Lent and AGM materials will be held shortly.

–Formative BACI.