Month: January 2012

The ACC and BACI’s Lent Course

Lent in 2012 starts on 22 Feb. What are you doing?

BACI is encouraging the Church of Ireland to interact with the ACC’s Bible in the Life of the Church project. Last year’s theme, Creation, was chosen in connection with their stage 1. This year’s theme, Economic Justice, is in conjunction with their stage 2.

On the last two pages of the study (last three of the A5 format) are feedback questions for individuals and groups who use the materials. These are designed to let BACI formulate answers for how Anglicans in Ireland read the Bible, as well as to assess our materials’ usefulness. A separate file can also be downloaded here: 2012 feedback form

The A4 version of the Lent course can be downloaded above or here: Lent 2012 – A4

We hope to print copies of the A5 version shortly. In the meantime, it can be viewed here: Lent 2012 – A5

Economic Justice Lent course available!

The free, downloadable version is now available (A4, with full scripture passages).

It can be downloaded from the Lent 2012 tab above, or it may be downloaded here: Lent 2012 – A4

Please feel free to email this to anyone who may be interested. All we ask is that individuals and groups who use it send us feedback on their thoughts afterwards.

A limited number of printed, A5 versions excluding the scripture passages will be available shortly. These will also be online in the Lent 2012 tab and at the National Bible Society shops for €2.