Month: January 2013

Launch of Lent 2013 Bible Studies

BACI patron the Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson will be launching the group’s Lent 2013 Bible Study Resource on ‘Gender Justice’ on Tuesday January 15th at 7pm in the Theological Institute, Braemor Park, Dublin 6.

This set of five Bible Studies pairs passages related to this theme from the Old Testament and the New Testament each week, offering reflections, notes and questions for group discussion.  It is hoped that each one will help participants consider how these texts of scripture may challenge and inspire us today.

The particular themes for each week are as follows:

1)    Pushing social boundaries

2)    Sin, responsibility and justice

3)    Gentile women in Nehemiah and Acts

4)    Power, abuse, victimhood and mutuality

5)    Destitution, determination and inspiration

A selection of prayers on the theme and a bibliography are included for use throughout the series; also a questionnaire which participants are asked to return as requested by the ACC’s Bible in the Life of the Church project, which has asked member churches to reflect on this theme as well as on Economic Justice, which was our subject last Lent.

These materials were written and compiled for BACI by the following: Dr Katie Heffelfinger, Dr David Hutchinson Edgar, Revd Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley, Revd  Dr William Olhausen, Dr Jason Silverman, Revd Canon Helene Steed, and Ms Jacqui Wilkinson.

It is hoped that the Bible Study Resource will also be formally launched in the northern province in the course of the same week. (Negotiations are in progress.)