Month: December 2014

Fifth Lent Study Available

BACI’s fifth Lenten Bible Study is now available for free download. The study offered for 2015 is on “Same-sex Issues and the Bible.”

The five weeks are:

Week 1. The Teaching of Jesus.
Week 2. Leviticus – the prohibitions of Chapters 18 and 20
Week 3. Genesis 1 and 2 – Implications from the Creation narratives
Week 4. Romans 1.18- 32 – Paul’s teaching on unnatural and depraved sexual activity
Week 5. 1 Cor.6.9-11. & Acts 10–11. Sin lists, condemnation and redemption

The A4 cover is here, the A3 here, and the B&W is available for A4 and A3 covers.

This study has received the following commendation from His Grace, the Archbishop of Dublin,

Having been invited to commend this volume produced by BACI for Lent 2015, I am willing and happy to do so. My hope and prayer are that the Studies contained within it will contribute to the enlargement of the attentive listening on which we are currently engaged across the Church of Ireland in the area of human sexuality in the context of Christian belief. Both the subject and its content have long aroused significant energy and vigorous argument on the part of many people. My hope and prayer would be that attentive listening might bear the fruit of respectful hearing.

–++Michael Jackson