Month: January 2016

Reconciliation Lenten Study – Official Launch Event

The Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland (BACI) launched its Lenten Bible Study for 2016 yesterday (Tuesday 26th January 2016) at Church of Ireland House, Dublin. The studies are on the theme of Reconciliation and consider ‘power and service’; ‘transcending boundaries’; ‘reaching out to the other’; ‘taking down the walls’; and ‘do as you would be done by’.

The patrons of BACI, the Archbishop of Armagh and the Archbishop of Dublin, jointly launched the new resource. Archbishop Richard Clarke said that he was impressed by the studies and thanked and congratulated the BACI team which had provided them. The theme of Reconciliation was, he said, so important for ‘building up relationship’ and for ‘relating to and with one another together, under the Word of God’. He also felt that the studies had strong ecumenical potential and hoped that they could be used in that way wherever possible.

Archbishop Michael Jackson echoed the ecumenical potential of the studies as well as stressing that the Church of Ireland could bring realism to consideration of reconciliation – ‘remembering pain on the journey’ along with ‘the centrality and accessibility of Scripture’. Archbishop Jackson said, ‘We all need reconciliation in a range of layered ways’ and he felt that the guide enables us ‘to go back into Scripture with discipline and imagination’.

The contributors to the Study are the Revd William Olhausen, Ms Barbara Bergin, Canon Ginnie Kennerley, Ms Linda Chambers, the Revd Earl Storey and the Revd Paul Houston.

In concluding the remarks at the launch, the Revd William Olhausen, on behalf of BACI, said that reconciliation is ‘a gift of the Church to the world, won by Christ’. He recalled that it was Jesus’ custom to read and to teach the Scriptures in the Synagogue and he encouraged the deeper study of God’s Word, ‘embedding it and the consciousness of reconciliation in the wider Church of Ireland as a gift to God’s glory’.



Source: Dr Paul Harron, Church of Ireland Press Officer


2016 Lenten Study now available for FREE download online

Copies of the 2016 Lenten Study are now available for FREE download in both A4 and A5 sizes. You may click on the following links to download or visit the LENTEN BIBLE STUDIES tab at the top of this website. Please note that the Study is also available as a printed book through a variety of sources. Copies can be bought  in Church House, from The Book Well in Belfast, and from leading cathedral bookshops (with a discount for 10 copies bought together).