Month: January 2019

2019 Lenten Study Launched by Archbishop Clarke: Young Irish Writers Explore Repentence

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Archbishop Richard Clarke launched this year’s Lenten Study — Transforming Repentance: Coming Home to God — at Church House in Dublin on 22 January, commending the study for use throughout the Church of Ireland and beyond.

Archbishop Richard Clarke (Photo: Barbara Bergin)

Speaking in the lunch hour at RB Week, Archbishop Clarke said that we now live in a victim culture in which we want others to apologise; but repentance goes way beyond apology. Apology is simply an explanation or expression of regret, whereas the word ‘repentance’ comes from the Greek ‘metanoia’, meaning a radical change of mind, or a ‘changed heart’. It means not only to turn away from something, but to turn toward God. ‘Repentance is coming home’, he stated. The Archbishop added that repentance also has a cost.

RevoLectionary Writers Emily Murtagh, Katie Lynch, and UCD Chaplain Scott Evans (Photo: Barbara Bergin)

Transforming Repentance — BACI’s ninth Lenten Study — reflects on the Lent Gospel readings from Luke. The study is master-minded by University College Dublin chaplain, Scott Evans, along with writers from RevoLectionary, an online platform for young Irish writers to share their thoughts each week on the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary readings.  The team for this study — Katie Lynch, Philip King, Scott Evans and Emily Murtagh —  explore what Luke can teach us about repentance and the blessings it brings in a world where repentance has passed out of style.

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Revd. Dr. Ginnie Kennerley (BACI), Emily Murtagh (RevoLectionary), Katie Lynch (RevoLectionary), Archbishop Richard Clarke, Scott Evans (UCD Chaplain), and Revd. Dr. William Olhausen (BACI) (Photo: Lynn Glanville)
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Some of the enthusiastic attendees at the 2019 Lenten Study launch (Photo: Barbara Bergin)

With the 22 January official launch of BACI’s 2019 Lenten Study — Transforming Repentance: Coming Home to God — copies may now be obtained from BACI treasurer Barbara Bergin ( at the price of €2.50 or £2.25 plus postage.

The Study is also available as a PDF download here:

2019 bible studies booklet final.pdf