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3 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. How do I obtain copies of the 5 Marks of Mission Lenten Study course please?
    Thank you. Phyllis

  2. Sir, i was raised c of i, but was led astray by american evengelicals, like joel osteen, joyce meyer, and others where i cannot forgot how i felt i was almost “brainwashed”, as extremes in anything is dangerous especiskly with so much online.. so now having a diammetrically apposed spirit, im feeling lost, as i love the bible, but find it difficult to read as i have still indoctrine from america in my head. How do i get back to understanding the bible., scripure, common prayer again from c of i perspective.. I hope to make contact with ministry of healing, but as u can imagine after my exoerience i am reluctant to engsge with so called chat rooms

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