The BACI working group plans to offer a number of forums and services to the COI in due course. Some of the ideas in the offing include:

  • A List of Biblical Scholars currently living/working in Ireland.
  • Links to recommended study materials.
  • Recommended common study themes. The first was Lent 2011. A new study on economic justice is planned for Lent 2012.
  • Periodic conferences and lectures. Our first conference will be in April 2012.
  • Published materials.

Keep watch for developments.

Two initiatives in 2012:

A conference on the Bible in the Church of Ireland is will be held at the  Church of Ireland Theological Institute in Dublin on 21 April 2012.

Bible in the Church of Ireland

BACI's first annual Day-Symposium


A Lent resource for 2012 on the theme of Economic Justice, which is available now, in the Lent 2012 tab above.

1 thought on “Coming”

  1. Revd. John Marchant said:

    If you haven’t already done so, can I recommend that you discuss your objectives and aims with the Irish Biblical Association? Their focus is very similar, and their ethos is ecumenical.
    Tom Gillen, Hon. Sec.
    141 Weston Park
    Dublin 14

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