Lenten Bible Studies

Lent 2017: God’s Heart for Migrants: Biblical Wisdom for a World in Turmoil

Download (PDF): Lent 2017 Migrant Bible Study

‘The refugee, or immigrant, is not just someone we are called to do good to, but someone who – like the “Samaritan” normally rejected by the Jews – turns out to be one who blesses or even saves us, as much as we save him or her. This year’s study — in reading old stories in new ways — shows that this idea of the outsider as helper/contributor is found in the Old Testament and flowering in the teaching of Jesus.’
Canon Dr. Ginnie Kennerly, BACI

This Study is designed to be used over a period of five weeks, encompassing the following areas:

  1. God’s People as Migrants
  2. God’s Heart for Migrants
  3. Ruth – a Story of Migration
  4. Ruth – a Story of Integration
  5. A Migrant People

The link to further information on this Study may be found here.

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Lent 2016: Reconciliation

Download (PDF):

‘The message of reconciliation’ was BACI’s unanimous choice of sub- ject for our Lenten Bible Study theme this year. The theme has been a constant one in church discourse for many years. Recently, both the need and the hope for reconciliation – within and between church- es, between religions and between races, cultures and continents, rich and poor, male and female, liberal and conservative – has captured more and more of our attention. New leadership in major churches, Francis in Rome, Justin Welby in Canterbury, and now Michael Curry in The Episcopal Church, has increased our hope, o ered new inspiration. But the work of reconciliation has to be done at the grass roots. With- out us and the people around us, especially in our relationships with those we see as ‘di erent’ or fear as ‘alien’, it will not come about.

Following are the chapter subjects:

  1. Power and Service
  2. Transcending Boundaries
  3. Reaching out to Others
  4. Taking down the Walls
  5. Do as you would be done by.

+ + +

Lent 2015: Same Sex Issues and the Bible

BACI’s study for 2015 deals with one of the major issues which has been causing division within the Anglican Communion and within the Church of Ireland. The issue is the one of same-sex relations and the Bible.

As in the previous four studies, the study consists of five weeks.

Week 1. The Teaching of Jesus.
Week 2. Leviticus – the prohibitions of Chapters 18 and 20
Week 3. Genesis 1 and 2 – Implications from the Creation narratives
Week 4. Romans 1.18- 32 – Paul’s teaching on unnatural and depraved sexual activity
Week 5. 1 Cor.6.9-11. & Acts 10–11. Sin lists, condemnation and redemption

The authors this year were Rev. Dr. William Olhausen, Rev. Dr. Ginnie Kennerley, and Rev. David Compton.

The Study is available for free download in PDF. We offer two color versions, with A4 (sized for printing as A5) and A3 covers, as well as ones with a black and white cover, also A4 and A3.

+ + +

Lent 2014: Church and Culture

The 2014 offering is on “Church and Culture.” The full study in three formats, two electronic and one in print. Like the previous three BACI Lent studies, it comprises five weeks of readings from both testaments, with introductions, notes, and discussion questions. It has been specifically designed to promote thoughtful discussion at parish level of Christian attitudes to our surrounding culture, whatever our specific tradition within the Church of Ireland family (or, indeed, the Anglican and Christian communities worldwide). The weeks for 2014 are as follows:

1. AFFIRMATION AND CELEBRATION (Psalm 104:1,5-27; 1 Timothy 4:1-6)

2. DEFINITION AND SEPARATION (1 Samuel 8; Acts 11:1–18; 2 Corinthians 6:14-17)

3. UNDERSTANDING AND COMPASSION (Ezekiel 34; Matthew 9:35-10:7; Luke 15:11-32)

4. FAITHFULNESS AND SERVICE (Daniel 1; Mark 10:35-45)

5. LIFESTYLE AND PROCLAMATION (Isaiah 2:1-4; Acts 2:42-47; 17:16-34 Colossians 3:12-17)

A sample cover with introduction can be downloaded here.

The complete study can be downloaded here in A4 size and in A5 size.

As announced on the home page, the 2014 study will be formally launched both in Dublin and Belfast, and all interested are most welcome to attend either launch. The Dublin launch is on 16th January in Christ Church Cathedral, and the Belfast launch is on the 20th January in Belfast Cathedral.


6 thoughts on “Lenten Bible Studies

  1. I have 2 questions and a comment.

    Would it be okay for a United Methodist Pastor in Texas to use this study provided by the Church of Ireland? I am of Irish descent if that helps. (Sorry… American humor)

    I love the content and context. If anyone needs to study what the Bible says about Economic Justice, it is us Americans.

    Finally… when will it be available?

    Rev. Dr. Joe Miller,Jr

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