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Ash Wednesday

Lent starts today; if you are still looking for a Bible study, check out the tab above. We have a tremendous response so far, and we look forward to hearing people’s reflections on the course and on their own hermeneutics. The last pages of the course have feedback questions which the interim committee hopes all users will return to us.

If you have already chosen your Lent course, you can still be involved with BACI. On 21 April, BACI is holding a day conference on “The Bible in the Church of Ireland” at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute in Braemor Park, Dublin 14. A flierĀ  for the event was included in some of the printed A5 Lent booklets. Bookings and inquiries can be directed to baci.anglican@gmail.com.

Bible in the Church of Ireland
BACI’s first annual Day-Symposium



BACI receives episcopal patronage and gears up for next year

The working group is pleased to announce that BACI has come under the honorary patronage of the Archbishop of Armagh, the Most Reverend Alan Harper and the Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough, the Most Reverend Dr. Michael Jackson.

The working group will be meeting shortly to prepare for the two big projects of early 2012. A second Lent course, on the theme of economic justice, will be available by the new year. A day conference on the Bible in the Church of Ireland will be held on 21 April at CITI. Details for both will be forthcoming.

People interested in either writing material for the Lent course or for running for a committee position at the BACI inaugural AGM are encouraged to write the working group.