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Holy Week: Time to prepare for Easter, fill out Feedback Forms, and plan to visit Dublin.

Easter is just a week away. The Lent study has five weeks, so presumably most groups which used it have completed the study by now. We sincerely hope you find it helpful and encouraging, and we’ve received some enthusiastic responses on the Economic Justice study.  We strongly encourage all rectors, parishioners, and individuals who have used the study to fill in the short feedback form at the back of the study (also available here), and send it to us. BACI will collate and analyze the responses, which will be reported at the first BACI symposium, to the Church of Ireland, and to the ACO’s Bible in the Life of the Church project.

As has been announced in the CoI Gazette, BACI encourages people from throughout Ireland to attend our first symposium on the Bible in the Church of Ireland on 21 April 2012 at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, Braemor Park, Dublin 14. The event will encourage the discussion and consideration of the way the Bible is, ought, and could be read in the Church today. Cost is only  €35 and includes tea and coffee and lunch. CoI ordinands may come for free, and students may come for only  €15. We do encourage advanced booking, so we may let CITI know lunch numbers.

The day will include the speakers Professor David Ford (Cambridge University), Professor Gordon McConville (Gloucestershire University), Stephen Lyon (Anglican Communion Office), the Most Reverend Dr Michael Jackson, and the Right Reverend Michael Burrows.  Ample time throughout the day will be devoted to discussion.

The day will end with the election of an executive committee for BACI. All interested in running are welcome to put their names forward for nominations. We hope to have the committee to be representative of the CoI, geographically, theologically, and vocationally (lay and clerical). The positions envisioned at present are those of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer, and four members-at-large.

Please spread the word and encourage all you know to come. A basic flier can be found here, and a more detailed flier here. A poster in three designs for the symposium is also available in colour, black and white, and on a white background.


Nearly Half-way through Lent

4 March already! BACI hopes you are using and finding helpful our study on Economic Justice. We strongly encourage you to take notes on your thoughts and experiences, and once Easter hits, to send us your feedback to <baci.anglican@gmail.com>. You may use the form at the back of the Lent course, or it may be downloaded separately here: 2012 feedback form

Now is also the time to start thinking about BACI’s first ever symposium on 21 April 2012, in the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, Braemor Park, Dublin. Professors David Ford and Gordon McConville, Mr Stephen Lyon, and CoI bishops will discuss “The Bible in the Church of Ireland.” The event will include tea, coffee, and lunch, all for   €35.

So we have an idea of lunch numbers, please feel free to book in advance <baci.anglican@gmail.com>.  Bring your friends, too, so here is a flier:

And a PDF version of the same revised symposium flier.

The ACC and BACI’s Lent Course

Lent in 2012 starts on 22 Feb. What are you doing?

BACI is encouraging the Church of Ireland to interact with the ACC’s Bible in the Life of the Church project. Last year’s theme, Creation, was chosen in connection with their stage 1. This year’s theme, Economic Justice, is in conjunction with their stage 2.

On the last two pages of the study (last three of the A5 format) are feedback questions for individuals and groups who use the materials. These are designed to let BACI formulate answers for how Anglicans in Ireland read the Bible, as well as to assess our materials’ usefulness. A separate file can also be downloaded here: 2012 feedback form

The A4 version of the Lent course can be downloaded above or here: Lent 2012 – A4

We hope to print copies of the A5 version shortly. In the meantime, it can be viewed here: Lent 2012 – A5

Feedback on Lent Resource sought

With Lent and Easter behind us, the working group seeks feedback on its Lent 2011: Creation resource from across the Church of Ireland. If you, your parish, or another group used the material, please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts, so that we may forward them on to the ACC. An electronic survey via Survey Monkey can be filled out here: <http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2S3V8CR&gt;.

If you did not have a chance to use the materials during Lent, we encourage their adaptation for group study for any 5-week period. If you choose to do this, we will still welcome the feedback.

The more comments, critiques, and reflections we receive the better we can interact with the ACC’s “Bible in the Life of the Church” initiative as well as inform our considerations for forming BACI.