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Bible in the Church of Ireland and AGM 2012 summary

BACI’s first event, held at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, was held on 21 April 2012. The event was attended by approximately 40 people from around Ireland.

Professor David Ford gave a talk on the Gospel of John and how it models its own interpretation. A lively discussion followed.

Professor Gordon McConville gave a talk on the Old Testament modelling re-interpretation, focusing on Kings and Isaiah.

Stephen Lyons described 9 features of an Anglican approach to the Bible which he found to be reflected in documents and statements, and related it to the Bible in the Life of the Church Project.

After lunch, a panel consisting of ++Michael Jackson, +Michael Burrows, and Prof. David Ford discussed the topics from the morning in the context of the Church of Ireland. The attendees were quite involved in discussing how things were and could be. There was widespread concern over the level of engagement generally.

The day closed with BACI’s inaugural AGM. Revd Dr William Olhausen presented the vision for BACI, and opened it up for suggestions. Revd Dr Virginia Kennerley described its projects to date. Dr Jason Silverman gave a preliminary report on the Economic Justice course.

Some officers were elected to BACI’s first formal committee, with the remit to expand their numbers to appropriate size.

Chair: Rev Dr William Olhausen
Secretary: Dr Jason Silverman
Treasurer: Ms Judith Wilkinson
Press Officer: Revd Dr Virginia Kennerley
A vice-chair and six members-at-large remain outstanding.

A constitution was adopted, with minor emendations of the draft constitution.

The new committee was authorised to open a bank account.

In the future, BACI will rework the Economic Justice study for wider Anglican use. It is also planned to hold future symposia in Belfast and in Cork.


Bible in the Church of Ireland Symposium

The working group is organizing a day-symposium on the issue of the Bible in the Church of Ireland, to which all interested parties will be welcome. The event will look at several aspects related to the role which the Bible does, could, and ought to have in parishes and the church generally. Details remain to be determined, but the symposium will be held at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute (CITI) in Rathmines, on Saturday, 21 April, 2012. The program will include several well known speakers, discussion time, lunch, and a founding AGM for BACI.

More information on the event will be announced in Search, the Church Review, and the Gazette in the months leading up to it.